Gather around kids, and let me tell you about the p0rn girls from my class.

(plays Storytime With Emma theme song)

So, for the introduction part of my class, click here, go to the comments section and read my comment. The girl who said JB is better is the poltragonist of this story. If you don't wanna read and be confused for the rest of this story, read on.

The poltragonist (I'm gonna call her Lucy for the sake of the story) was wearing something inapropriate in school today. Now there's another girl in my class (She will be called Andrea) who hates Lucy. Now the girls from my class HATE each other. In fact, they all fight except for me. I'm the only one who doesn't care about the gossip, and my form teacher loves me for that.  The fights were so harsh all of the girls ended up in the principal's office for 2 hours. 2 HOURS.


Lucy came to school wearing a sleeveless top. She covered her arms with a cardigan. That wouldn't been so bad, BUT. The shirt she was wearing, was um.... Let's just say her cleveage was exsposed, and the boys didn't miss an opportunity to mock her. Now Lucy is a "primadonna" and thinks she sings like Ariana Grande and that she's the prettiest girl in the class. 

I tried making Lucy an anti-porn unicorn, but she just called me crazy. Apparently there aren't any Miranda fans in my class smh.

Andrea and her "clones" were talking about the fact that they saw a boy looking at a keychain with explicit content in Target. Don't know how it fits in the story, but they mentioned it, so...


Andrea and her gang started making fun of Lucy calling her bad names so much that Lucy threatend her that she will go to the principal's office. She didn't. Lucy just said "ANDREA I HATE YOU I WANT YOU TO GET OUT OF MY LIFE FOREVER."

Luckily, to stop the fight, here came our form teacher with her class. The girls spent the entire time fighting. Lucy as always started crying. She always cries. I call her Crybaby, Crybaby... Any Melanie fans in here? No? Okay.

The fight was so big our teacher got an idea. Starting tommorrow the girls who fight will sit together. And guess what? Andrea and Lucy will sit together and teacher told me to tell her if the fight continues.

So that's all for now. Tommorrow I'll update this and tell you the results. I'm starting a new series called "Storytime With Emma" and will make more stories like this.

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