Actual Rant

The only healthy couples are Jankie (Frankie Hollingsworth and Jonah Haak) and (what could've been) Shiny (Tiny Bell and Shay Powers).


Shay's parents didn't allow her to date Tiny, so her friend, Lola had a crush on him all along and didn't reveal it until after Shay rejected his offer to go to the movies (</3). Lola and Tiny ended up becoming a couple (totes NOTP).

Jankie kissed once in episode 8, #TeamFollowBack. They were then shown dancing in the Season 15 finale, #SorryNotSorry. Hopefully they're officially a couple in Season 16.

It's a good thing that neither of them are not in the Holy Trashity of Degrassi Ships, consisting of Triles (Tristan Milligan and Miles Hollongsworth), Zaya (Zig Novak and Maya Matlin) and Gracevas (Zoe Rivas and Grace Cardinal) - oh wait, Gracevas kissed, but were never a couple because both of them like boys lol.

Triles are a M/M ship. You may think that they're cute at first because everyone loves LGBT ships, but no. Everyone loves Miles because he's a sweetheart, especially if you hate Degrassi. Tristan, affectionally known as Trashtan, is an ass. He was sweet in Seasons 11 and 12, but when he dyed his hair blonde, he became like Perez Hilton, whiny, spoiled, bratty, narcissistic, every negative adjective I can think of. He went back to black (by Amy Winehouse) in Season 14B. In Season 15, he made a biphobic comment about Miles and said that he can't even choose if he likes boys or girls like gtfo. His BFF, Zoe, internet diagnosed him with clamydia. His old sexual partner, Vijay, bursted into the conference room and asked him "What STI, Tristan?". He replied with "It's just clamydia lel", receiving shocking reactions from the girls, with a blonde girls nearly bursting out with laughter because of his stupidity.

Zaya and Gracevas rant will come out soon kek.


Disclaimer: I am not a homphobe. If this offends you, leave NOW

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