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Here are the thoughts of "Sweatshirt" by Jacob Sartorious. To add your own, just edit!


Hmmm, what did I think about it? TRASH. GARBAGE. Where's the bleach when you need it right? This spoiled-ass white kid needs to learn his place. Instead of singing he should think about where is his life going to go because he's gonna end up poor AS FUCK. That sweatshirt of his is gon' be his new home because his daddy gon' leave and his mom is gon'


Burn this. Immediately.

TheEmmaShow Edit

Comparing this to Baby by Justin Bieber makes Justin's song sound actually good. And I HATE Bieber. Sorry you autotuned asshole, I meant Jacob, but not even 12 year olds want to listen to this autotuned piece of shit.




What in the living hell is this? Wait, this is a living hell. Never mind!


Same, Ballerina, same. This is such a living hell.


"What inspired you to make Sweatshirt?"

"I never graduated elementary school!" - Jacob 2016.


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