Gather around kids, and let me tell you about this f***ed up generation.

*plays Storytime With Emma theme song*

Hi. I'm Emma and my class is CRAZY. Well a couple of weeks ago the girls got into a fight. More about this here. It's been long overdue for a sequel to the story, but no drama. So today I will tell you about the girls' personalities.

First off, Lucy.

Lucy is an Ariana Grande, diva type. She has an older teen sister who thinks she's better than everyone else, so Lucy follows along with the trend. Lucy likes taking selfies. A LOT OF THEM. Today she was walking around the school with her phone taking selfies for her SnapChat story. Her interests include: Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Twilight, Justn Bieber and thinking she's the best singer in our class.

Next off, Andrea.

Andrea is a tomboy(ish) type who likes to fight and argue with pretty much everyone. Now listen, I have a specific taste in music which many teens don't like. I hate Justin Bieber. While I was hanging around with Andrea and Macy (another friend of mine, Lucy and Andrea) Andrea decided to play music. She played Sorry by Justin Bieber Autotune. As a Bieber hater, I said "This song sucks. Justin sucks" and Andrea is like "OMG EMMA HOW COULD YOU HATE THIS SONG YOU ARE WEIRD YOU HATE THE BEST SONGS, YOU HAVE NO TASTE IN GOOD MUSIC".

Now, my point.

Halsey > Justin Bieber 

Melanie Martinez > Bieber

Alessia Cara > Bieber

Emo > Bieber

Just about anything else >>>>>> Bieber


The next day Andrea decided to tell just about everyone I hate Bieber/ Autotune. 

My point:

Guurl, it's just my opinion.You have to respect it. What would the world be if everybody is the same. I will always be the girl  who will prefer Panic! to 1D and Bieber, Star Wars to Twilight, studying to partying and getting a bad grade, playing PlayStation games and being alone with Netflix than partying. I will always be a different personality than being a basic bitch.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. Ask me questions about anything and I will try to answer them. Bye!

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