mIRANDA SINGS is an AMERICAN youtube superstar who's a singer, dancer, magician, actress and model. she's queen of the universe

her life story

mrianda is a 10 year old conservative christian girl who was born in tacoma WA, she lives with her MOM and uncle

in 2008 she started to make videos for youtube and she uploaded her first video which was really BAD???? but she got better over the years and nowadays makes amazing covers of popular songs and some original songs, like Where My Baes At that was no. 1 on the billboard chart for 420 weeks

Drake - Hotline Bling01:17

Drake - Hotline Bling

one of her modern videos

WHERE MY BAES AT? - Original song by Miranda Sings01:52

WHERE MY BAES AT? - Original song by Miranda Sings

her 2014 smash hit "Where My Baes At"

Miranda Sings' First Video02:09

Miranda Sings' First Video

her first video

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