Pokemon is supposedly a "kids show". It's not. RIP. Here are the banned episodes.

Episode 18 - Beauty and the Beach: A beach fanservice episode where one male character had inflatable b**bs. That's...pretty much it.

Episode 35 - The Legend of Dratini: An episode where guns are the main star of the show. One was put to Ash's head, one was put to the character of the day's head, Team Rocket was shot at, but the episode had some good feels.

Episode 38 - Electric Soldier Porygon - An episode where seizures were caused by flashing lights at the climax. You really have to watch it yourself to find out.

Jynx episodes: Holiday Hi-Jynx and The Ice Cave are the most infamous episodes where the Pokemon Jynx caused a controversy over racism. A Pokemon causing racism? Slightly bad claim, I know.

Why are you still reading this?

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