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aka the best kids tv show ever.

(f those people who turned it into a meme)

You On Kazoo

just an episode of it where the kid with a kazoo (Brett Ambler) plays it enthusiastically along with other kids who uses imaginary instruments instead of real ones.

btw there's also a character in the show called the pretend spirit which i think has the intention of raping the kids.

anyways it's a good show.

You On Kazoo (Full Version)29:22

You On Kazoo (Full Version)

Let's Sing Along!

another episode where brett is in a talent show or some shit and kids are cheering for him to come out of the backstage and perform for them. (the kids are calling him 'bread' for some reasons)

brett then proceeds to come onto the stage and perform or something. (it's mostly him singing and making animal noises)

btw when i first watched i might have seen a scene where the cameraman was a uncle with a gun but that might be my bad memory.

Let's Sing Along!25:45

Let's Sing Along!

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