There's one name that comes to Degrassi's fanbase's mind: Clare (Clurr Bella Swan) Edwards (Edwords).

Clurr Bella Swan first appeared on Season 6, when she comforted her sinner sister Darcy after she was catfished.

In Season 8, she was the good christian girl Miranda wanted her to be k (she's religious kek)

She appeared in every season until Season 14, when she ended her 9 years in high school. Clurr was the writers pet lol.

She also sinned, like her sister Derpy, by having ses before she was married R U KEEDING. I mean, her and her boyfriend, Eli Goldsworthy (Eels Goalsworthles) were relationship goals k.

Then she became Vice President in her 8th year of high school (Year 11 and a half) to Drew Torres (Drouch Whorres), who also sinned by having ses with a girl two years younger that him. Everyone sinned on Degrassi k, even the christians R U KEEDING. Miranda is so titted off with Degrassi.

Quotes from the show k

"omg eli i wantz ur dik!111~!!" "no fuk u clurr."

"omg kt i want on teh degrasi writing thingy1!1!1!!!11" "no fuk u clurr"

"omg eels teik ur pills!!1!1!" "no fuk u clurr"

"omg durrcy lemme deleht ur mahroom page!!!1!!11" "no fuk u clurr"

"omg kc u be fucken wit jenna brake up wit hur!!1!!!!11!" "no fuk u clurr"

"omg adum dont fite fitz!11111111111!" "no fuk u clurr"

"omg imogen u be fucken mah man stop it!!!111!111!!!" "no fuk u clurr"

"omg mawm tell meh y durrcy cut hurslef!!!!1!!!11!" "no fuk u clurr"

"omg allz dont have secks wit jonny he give u stdz!!!1!111!" "no fuk u clurr"

"omg mawm u cnt d8 jakez daddeh hez my bf!!!11!!!111" "no fuk u clurr"

fotos k


clurr pls


fiona pls


jesus pops outta nowhere rofl

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